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Safety in Building and Construction

  • Principal contractor’s site safety plan
  • CDM Co-ordinator
  • Phased Construction Plans
  • Sub-contractor’s site safety plan
  • Method statements
  • Risk assessments
  • CHAS documentation
  • H&S questionnaires
  • Regular Audits

Accidents at work are most common in the construction industry and consequently the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) focus a lot of their energy upon this sector. Due to insurance requirements, Principal Contractors are becoming much tougher with their sub-contractors with regard to safety at work.

CDMPC specialise in helping small/medium and large construction firms. Employ us to help satisfy ‘safety at work’ legislation, documentation and provide evidence of a safety culture.

Small business owners cannot afford a full time health & safety manager nor do they have the time to get involved in detailed legislative requirements themselves. Outsourcing your health and safety function is the only cost effective way to stay within the law and become known by your principal contractors as a low risk. Thus increasing the likelihood of your company winning contracts.

At first we get involved by doing the paper work for you. Then over time by coaching staff how to do it themselves we drop into an advisory role. We are different because we are happy to get stuck in and be a member of your team when required to do so.

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